In 1994, Monroe & Monroe Insurance and Mid-Continent Casualty designed an insurance program specifically for the petroleum equipment industry.  In 2000, the agency became sponsored by PEI, Petroleum Equipment Institute. As a result, Monroe & Monroe Insurance actively recruits new members for PEI.  We feel that the savings incurred by purchasing insurance through our program pays for the membership and we can offer broader coverages to members than to our non-member customers.


During the past few years our program has expanded its scope and therefore has grown to include other related petroleum equipment contractors:

  • Petroleum Equipment Dealers
  • Cathodic Protection Contractors
  • Environmental Drillers and Testing Companies
  • Environmental Consultants doing Phase I, II or III
  • Anyone Dealing with Service Station Maintenance or Construction

The pricing of our program is generally lower than the competition and we offer broader coverages. Our rates are exclusive to our program and we offer pollution coverage at an extremely low price. The General Liability is on an Occurrence Form from a Standard Admitted Insurance Company. Our deductible is $0 for PEI members and $500 per claim for Non-Members.  Other markets require $1,000 to $5,000 deductibles.


Our Customer Service Representatives are familiar with your industry and understand the importance of sending timely and accurate insurance certificates to your customers. The pricing and coverage aspects of our program have helped many businesses like yours in the last few years. Our program has grown to include over 350 companies. Many of our clients have volunteered to answer questions prospective clients might have regarding our claims handling, renewal pricing, and service.

Management & Support Team

Chris Monroe, CIC, CRIS


Jim Beam, CIC


Barbara Eden

Producer / Accounting Mgr

Catherine Gibson-Bagwell

Customer Service Rep / Claims

Vickie Burks, Lead Customer Service Rep / Claims




Brandy Toombs, Customer Service Rep / Certificates

Mike Briscoe


Alyson Dominguez

Lead Customer Service Rep

Rhonda Hoopingarner

Customer Service Rep / Claims

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